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Husband Forgets Anniversary

The love between a husband and wife is special. Taking the leap towards marriage is a big step forward for any woman in their life and marriage day is especially important for any girl. I know some of my friends had been planning their marriage since they were young and when the day arrived, they just wanted it to be memorable. And often how it is remembered is through anniversaries! But oftentimes, your husband forgets the anniversary.

So what to do in such a situation? There are many ways you can react to it, but most of them are not a good kind of reaction. It can lead to a petty argument that snowballs into bigger and bigger arguments in the future! That is why it is important to know how to react to the situation correctly and take the necessary steps to help you along the way. Don’t know those steps? Don’t worry about it because that is why you’re here to learn how to handle the situation!

What Makes Anniversary Special?

What makes anniversary special

The marriage anniversary is an important day for not only you but for your husband as well. This is because your anniversary acts as a reminder of the day when both of you tied the knot to be officially married to each other. Your anniversary allows you to relive the day that changed your and your husband’s lives forever. 

It can also help you recollect all the good times you spent with your husband allowing your relationship to blossom in the process. You will have flashbacks to the day you got married on your anniversary and you can make new memories by celebrating this special day with your husband. If your relationship is losing its spark then your anniversary will act as an excellent way to get back the lost spark. This is because on this day both you and your husband can plan something special to surprise one another.

How to React to this situation?

You have been eagerly waiting for your anniversary as this is a special day for you and your husband. You are especially excited thinking about whether your husband has anything special planned for you. But when?

When your husband wishes happy anniversary, it makes you feel really good and this simple wish of your husband shows that he loves and appreciates you. But when your anniversary finally arrives you find out that your husband does not even remember that it is your anniversary. As a result, you become devastated and feel really sad that your husband forgot the anniversary but how would you react to this situation? There are a few things you can do when such a situation arises such as:

Tell him about your feelings

It is perfectly normal for you to feel upset and hurt when your husband forgets about the anniversary and this is something that you should clearly communicate to him. But keep in mind that you should do it in a calm and composed manner. If you shout and scream while you let your husband know that he forgot might not be of much use to you. Tell your husband that your anniversary has special meaning to you so he should at the very least remember this day to show that he loves you. You are not asking for something that is out of your husband’s hands. All you are asking for is a simple happy anniversary wish from your husband.

Tell him about your feelings

Try to not worsen the day

Since you are upset and angry there is a pretty good chance of you deciding to have a fight with your husband. Believe me, If I was in your position I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately fighting with him will only make things worse. After letting your husband know about the anniversary you should see how he reacts. It could be that he is deeply sorry and is doing everything he can to make it up to you. If you see such a reaction from him then you should put aside your feelings of hurt and try to celebrate and enjoy the day with him.

Try to not worsen the day

Look at the big picture

When your husband forgets about the anniversary this is certainly a problem but it might be a small problem when looking at the bigger scheme of things. If your husband doesn’t love you and doesn’t take care of you then that is a sizeable problem and should make you worried. But if your husband does love you and does everything he can to make you feel special then you could decide to look at him forgetting the anniversary as a minor blip. However, you should let him know clearly that he shouldn’t be forgetting about the anniversary anytime in the future.

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Ensure your husband remembers

Your husband might forget the anniversary due to the tremendous amount of pressure from work but this should certainly not be an excuse. It’s not that you are just sitting around doing nothing. You are also busy with not only your work commitments but household activities as well. Despite this, you can remember this special day so there is no reason why your husband can’t remember this day as well. This is why it is essential that you ensure that your husband doesn’t forget about this day and give him constant reminders but how will you do so? Let’s find out.

Give him subtle hints

It could be that your husband is someone who is incredibly bad at remembering important dates so he often forgets. You might already know that there is a high possibility of your husband forgetting about the anniversary but you don’t want that to happen at any cost. So what can you do in this situation? Instead of telling him about the anniversary you can give him subtle hints. For example, you could say to him that a special day is just around the corner and if your husband genuinely loves and cares about you then it won’t be difficult for him to figure out what day you are talking about. Wait for 3 or 4 days before asking him whether he was able to find out what special day you are talking about.

Give him subtle hints

Tell his other family members or close friends to remind him

It could be that you don’t want to remind your husband about the anniversary yourself. This is completely fine. Instead, you can give this task to his family members or his friends. This isn’t the ideal way for your husband to remember the anniversary. But it does guarantee that both you and your husband will be able to celebrate and enjoy the special day together rather than being disappointed and upset.

Tell his other family members or close friends to remind him

Set up a reminder on his phone

Numerous apps are available that work tremendously for setting up reminders on the phone. I am someone who is bad at remembering dates but ever since I started Google Calendar I have been able to keep track of special occasions. So you can decide to save the anniversary date on Google Calendar and set up a reminder 1 week before the big day. By doing so your husband will have ample time to plan something in order to surprise you and make the day special for both of you.

Set up a reminder on his phone

Plan something together

Some couples plan how they will celebrate their anniversary before it is time for their anniversary. Planning ahead of the big day will allow you to have everything in place to make the day memorable for both of you. Additionally, when you are planning with your husband you will be able to do things that both of you like doing together. Another plus point of planning your anniversary beforehand is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be even celebrating your anniversary. Rather you will be able to celebrate it in exactly the way you would like to.

Plan something together

Forgiving your husband: Should or Shouldn’t?

Forgiving your husband should or shouldn’t

Your husband realizes that he did a mistake by forgetting about the marriage anniversary and as a result, you are highly pissed off at him. But should you forgive your husband or give him another chance? It depends on whether your husband forgets the anniversary on a regular basis or whether he forgot it this one time.

If this is the first time that your husband forgot about the anniversary then you should give him another chance to rectify this mistake. But if your husband has forgotten about the anniversary multiple times then you should not forgive him and let him know clearly that this behavior of his isn’t acceptable at all. When something happens repeatedly it is no longer a mistake and it is something done intentionally. Since your husband is constantly forgetting about the anniversary it is portraying that he doesn’t love you enough which I am sure is very hard for you to take. This is why you shouldn’t forgive him unless he makes you believe that he won’t be forgetting the anniversary anymore.


1. Is it bad when the husband forgets the anniversary?

It’s bad in the sense that forgetting the anniversary is letting his wife know that she is not his main priority and that he is focused on other things.

2. What can a husband do to rectify the situation after he forgets his anniversary?

There are a few things that the husband can do such as taking the wife to a candlelight dinner, buying her a gift, and spending more time with her.

3. What is the importance of a marriage anniversary?

This is an important day as it allows the couple to recollect the moment that changed their lives for the better. On this day the couple reminisces and shows admiration for each other which acts as a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in the world where two people take vows to stay by each other’s side forever. This is why marriage anniversaries are so important and special. Your husband might be busy with his work commitments or he might have a bad memory but that doesn’t excuse him from forgetting about the anniversary. Anniversary comes around once every year so your husband should do everything he can to remember this special day. If you know that he is going to forget then you can step in and make sure that he doesn’t forget. By doing so both of you will be able to celebrate and enjoy this special day together.

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