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How to Stay Emotionally Connected in a Long Distance Relationship?

People have a hard time finding life partners nowadays. There are over 8 billion people worldwide, yet there is less chance of getting a loving and caring person whom you can trust. Even if you find one, it will be even harder to be emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship.

Is it really a struggle to be emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship? The answer is no! You can have a healthy relationship from a distance like in different cities or countries. Many couples stay physically far away at some point during their dating or marriage relationship. Although, the coldness of detachment is unbearable and harsh to think about. Just following a few tips will help solve this problem and reduce the space between you and your partner. But first, you need to understand the depth of a long-distance relationship.

Depth of A Long Distance Relationship

Depth of a long distance relationship

The idea of a long distance relationship is literally how it sounds. To visualize this, think about two love birds flying from far beyond to meet together. Technically, this might be the best scenario for long distance relationships. But there is more to it.

A long distance relationship indicates that the persons are not together in the same place. It also means that they do not have the privilege to spend time together. Time is the most valuable thing for a person and is important in a relationship. The depth of a long distance relationship depends on the time you spend. Even for any other relations, it is necessary. This is the ultimate key to a successful long distance relationship. Let’s bring you tips for keeping good health in a long distance relationship.

Stay Emotionally Connected in a Long Distance Relationship: Tips

A long distance relationship needs to be nurtured and taken care of with better importance to stay emotionally connected. There are a few specific tips that can help you with your long distance partner to have emotional attachments.

1. Routine of daily communication

Routine of daily communication

This is really important in long distance relationships. Daily communication will keep the appetite for affection alive. You both likely have day-to-day schedules full of work and other activities. It is important to include each other in the daily routines. Schedule time to give each other a phone or video call so you can organize your day around it and properly communicate with each other.

Set a time that works best for both of you. Bad things happen, and sometimes things may interfere with your scheduled call with your partner. Do not worry. Just make sure you let them know so they will not be waiting for you.

2. Do activities together

Do activities together

The most challenging part in long distance relationships is the inability to share experiences. While it is hard to be able to go on dates to a museum or to go to a stadium and watch a game. There are effective ways to maintain the novelty of dating.

Today’s world has technology that greatly advances how couples can interact even when they may be a couple of hundred miles away. Creating a sense of being together is essential and the idea of sharing living over video chat allows couples to see each other’s reactions. By pre-planning a virtual dinner date, couples can see each other and get a sense of being together. Doing so allows the dimension of empathy that may not be received through simple text messages or even phone calls.

3. Open up about your thoughts and feelings

Open up about your thoughts-and feelings

Whenever you talk to your partner, don’t suppress or hide anything from them. Tell them about your life activities. Talk about any negative feelings or emotions you are having. They may be able to offer you encouragement or advice, or they may just be great listeners.

If you are feeling low emotionally, talk to your partners about it. Do not bury your feelings to make things work. Your partner may be able to help and give advice on your situation. Make them feel involved because you are not physically close to each other. Sometimes words can be confused and misunderstood in a long-distance relationship. Make things clear if you are not sure to understand something your partner is telling you.

4. Share intimacy

share intimacy

You may be struggling in a long-distance relationship. Just remember that you have a partner to share anything. It is okay to feel uncomfortable and uncertain to share intimacy in a long distance relationship. It is normal to feel that your intimacy is dwindling when you are not physically close.

However, if you can have a routine to communicate daily, establish boundaries, and incorporate activities to share even when apart. Your relationship will continue to grow in a healthy direction.

5. Send gifts to each other

Send gifts to each other

Give your family and loving partner something sentimental that reminds them of you. Gifts can actually help fill the space between you in a long distance relationship. Gives you something solid to hold and touch from your partner. Find something at a local shop or online that they like. Send it to them via mailing as a fun little surprise to brighten their day which shows your effort and how much you miss them.

6. Surprise with letters

Surprise with letters

To show your family and spouse how much you love them, send a simple handwritten letter. You may think as just a piece of paper. But this paper has magic inside it. Today, people do not write letters at all! This act is an act of love to prove how much you adore your partner. You may write every other week and your partner will love getting surprises in an envelope.

7. Make your partner crave

Make your partner crave

Craving is one of a thing that should be in a long-distance relationship. You and your beloved once may be able to hold hands, kiss on the lips, and hug each other. But you can make your partner have that urge which be wealthy. Call him or her with cute loving names. This can help you to remind them as you intend to. Also, it can help to get intimate more often. Keep your partner guessing so that he or she makes the effort to reach your mind. Making things and complimenting also help to show how much you want your loving person.

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Acts That Are Harmful to Relationship

Acts that are harmful to relationship

There are a few things that you have to avoid in a long distance relationship. These things are almost forbidden in every relationship.

Saying things out of anger

This happens out of anger when people lose control. Annoyance can take over the compassion of love. When this happens, you ruin away months or years of respect you have built and earned. Remember your partner’s optimistic qualities. Appreciate them and talk out why you love them so much.

Hiding things by lying

Lying is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in a long distance relationship. You can hide things that may cause problems. But lying is totally unacceptable. When you feel like lying about information from your partner, think about what will happen afterward. Lies get exposed. You will have to make stories to cover a lie and another, which is really not worth it.

Comparing with others

This is too easy now because of social media. We see relationship objectives everywhere. Social media only posts the better side of life. This leads the couples to differ from one another. Comparing your relationship steals the joy out of your hand. It will make you lonely and singled out.

Focus on yourself and your partner. Be happy with what you have and thank the Almighty. Most importantly, take a break from social media or whatever makes you feel jealous of other relationships.


  1. What do men want in a woman?
    Men want a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful, and reliable. They want a wife who will stand by their side in any situation and consider their man with trust and love.
  2. Is it normal to feel disconnected in a long-distance relationship?
    It is normal for couples to feel a little cold and detached in a long-distance relationship. These feelings also bring a few doubts if they having fun with someone else or not.
  3. What are common feelings in long-distance?
    This is practical to feel emotions such as jealousy, anger, disappointment, sadness, or a mix of all four of these emotions to creep into your behavior toward your long-distance partner. Just remember, when both of you have days you miss each other or wish you could have more physical contact.

Final Thoughts

Long distance makes to resistance a loving relationship. But it will not be an enemy if you follow all the tips that have been discussed. This distance can even help you to prioritize your partner and build a strong bond. What will ruin your relationship are the things that are harmful to any kind of relationship. Be happy with your partner and family members and plan for having them close in the future.

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